Tips to Avoid Worst Driving Habits

Driving is a safe and comfortable way to quickly get where you’re going. However, that does not suggest that you ignore traffic laws in order to get where you’re going. Everyone should practice safe driving techniques since they are advantageous to drivers and pedestrians who must navigate dangerous roads. Drivers that are careless can cause fatal accidents and claim lives.

Occasionally someone will likely be temporarily distracted or show a lack of respect for other drivers. However, drivers who consistently engage in careless driving are much more likely to be stopped. The habits can be broken with some awareness. Here are some tips to avoid the worst driving habits in Pakistan.

  1. Parking in Illegal Areas
  2. Sudden Braking
  3. Overtaking Lane
  4. Wrong parking Angle
  5. High Beam Cars
  6. Using Phone While Driving
  7. Not Using Indicators
  8. Over Speed Driving
  9. Drive on the Mood
  10. Didn’t Wear Seatbelts

1) Parking in Illegal Areas

When drivers try to ignore traffic and road rules and fail to park their cars properly, it results in selfish driving behavior. Even though most parking lots are generally regularly watched, drivers sometimes park in the wrong places.

2) Sudden Braking

The desire to quickly use the brakes is among Pakistani drivers’ other risky driving practices. The driver behind frequently finds themselves squeezed into the back of the car.

3) Overtaking Lane

Unfortunately, some people need to be aware of the different rules that apply to the three lanes usually built on major roadways, or they may be aware but still commit fraudulent activities. Sometimes the worst driver regularly travels in the first lane, regarded as the fast lane, at a slow speed.

4) Wrong Parking Angle

Unfortunately, many people have valid driver’s licenses but need parking knowledge. Because it takes up more space, people can easily become poorly organized. Although many parking spaces are designed for 90-degree parking, some drivers prefer to park at a 45-degree angle.

5) High Beam Cars

Some people have poor driving habits; they are madly in love with high beams. They decorate their cars with so-called high watts of intense blue. Driving with high beam headlights while cars are approaching you or a car is in front of you may cause flash blindness as bright lights shine directly into the drivers’ eyes.

6) Using Phone While Driving

Driving is difficult to manage because it requires the driver’s concentration and focus. The worst habit any driver has is using a cell phone while driving.

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7) Not Using Indicators

Almost every other driver in Pakistan has the horrific habit of not using their indicators before turning. Indicators let people behind you and ahead of you know where you want to turn or switch lanes. This resulted in the prevention of crashes caused by sudden movement.

8) Over Speed Driving

Every bad driver drives too fast on the road and ignores the speed limit. They do not notice someone overtaking their car. They keep the speed limit on major roads.

9) Drive on the Mode

Driving in your mode is the most irritating habit. Bad drivers are always in their mode. When they are happy, they drive quickly, and when they are tired, they drive slowly. It’s not a big deal for them to annoy other drivers. If they don’t have a mode of transportation, they drive very slowly and don’t care about the back car horns.

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10) Didn’t Wear Seat Belt

They believe that they can save their own lives. A bad driver will never wear a seatbelt. They believe that driving without obstacles is more pleasurable. Drivers with bad habits like to break the rules and make their own.

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