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Benefits, Uses and Side Effects of Red Chili:

Chili pepper or red chili is a type of fruit berry from genus capsicum which comes under family of capsicum called family Solanaceae, one of its major uses is adding spice or heat in cuisines. This Scented Plant is consumed all along south of Italy it first came there after the discovery of America in 1492. Chili pepper adds heat in foods but there is another capsicum family berry fruit called bell peppers and it adds flavor and sweetness in foods rather than spice and heat.

Around 400 different types of chilies exist around the globe. It doesn’t matter whether the chili or pepper used in foods are of same family but the amount of capsicum in berry tells us how spicy it is. Capsicum is also written as capsaicin. The berry of this chili comes under genus capsicum.

In this article, “Benefits, Uses and side effects of Red chili” We will have a deep observation about red chili its uses and the benefits associated with it.

Nutritional Content:

Weights may vary by whether what kind of chili and whether the items are fresh or dry but If we take 100 grams of chili, Approx it will contain following:

  • WATER (87.8-88.1 grams)
  • PROTIEN (1.89-1.99 grams)
  • CARBONHYDRATES (8.81-9.4 grams)
  • FATS (0.2-0.4 grams)
  • 40 kcal of Energy (167 kJ)

How Red Chili can be used?

Fresh, dried or however you like. You can Consume Red chili in variety of ways in powdered form or fresh. It’s a must in many kitchens and restaurants around the globe. Following are few ways out of many about how to use red chili:

  • “Shiro” a powdered sauce made out of dried red chilies.
  • Raw or cooked, Vegan Based food.
  • Powdered spices, Dried chilies used for adding heat in dishes (liquid)
  • Can also be used as food coloring, it gives a fiery red color
  • It can be dangerous if consumed too much in one sitting

Always prefer your conventional medicine instead of herbal or ayurvedic treatment of red chili. Visit you local doctor and follow the prescription that he gave you instead of red chili herbal treatment, This will be most effective for you.

Health Benefits:

Many health benefits are associated with red chilies, this Is one of the reasons for its high demand across the globe. Benefits are as follows:

Cancer prevention:

Red chilies contain a large number of minerals and antioxidants in them and they are very good for cleansing inside of your body of harmful radicals.

The antioxidants and minerals in it act as a natural scavenger and helps to clean your body from inside. It can help your body immensely to fight with cells causing cancer and kill them and save you from this deadly disease. One of the many reasons to take red chili on a regular basis.

Fat Killer:

Red chili doesn’t contain a large number of calories that is why they are excellent for people who are on a calories strict diet and calorie conscious people. According to some studies consuming red chilies plays an important part in boosting the metabolism of your body.

The Faster your metabolism works the faster your body will digest food and convert it into energy. According to some experts taking chilies can boost up your metabolism up about 50% for period up to 3 hours then ingestion overall healthier and more active individual.

Beta Carotene:

Red chilies and peppers contain abundant amount of pro vitamin A and Beta carotene and these two are two of the essential items to keep your immune system that healthy and properly working and giving its best output.

Reproductive Organs and Digestive tract also need pro vitamin A and beta carotene to work properly. Other Vitamins in chilies like Vitamin C and Vitamin A also plays a crucial part in disease prevention. That is why red chilies are advised to be consumed on regular basis to keep your inside crucial organs healthy.

To Prevent Joints Pains:

Studies have shown that the heat in chiles is proved to help with headaches and migraines, discomfort in head and pain and aches in joints. You can try yourself and rub some red chilies on your skin but make sure its dried and you will be shocked to see that how good it is to vanish effects of the Phosphorus.

Phosphorus is also known as chemical P and its main objective is to take pain signals from your skin up to your brain and help brain recognize the pain but red chili can lessen its side effects and helping you immensely with pain in your joints and aches and migraines. Just rub red chilies on your pain full part and you will be surprised to know how good it works and how much it helps you in relieving the pain no matter how old the pain is, whether its years old or months old, just rub chilies on it and you will be stunned.

Decrease in Inflammation:

As explained earlier about the chemical P which takes the signals of pain to your brain and then you feel the pain but we you are having too much pain to bear and pain killers are not available or you don’t want to take one. Just grab some red chilies and rub them on the pain area and you will see the Capsaicin Work in action whose one of the most important properties is ability of capsaicin to block the neuro chemical P or Phosphorus. Its like a short cut to get rid of pain of arthritis, psoriasis and diabetic neuropath. Just Rub some chilies and the pains and inflammations will go away.

Avoidance of Using Red Chilies:

  • Mucosal irritation in stomach if chilies are taken in excessive amounts, people who have Ulcers in their stomach or GERD or gastritis should avoid using Red Chilies.
  • Individuals who have anal fissures and irritable bowel should also avoid using it
  • Hemorrhoids.
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