Wannagetaway Com {January 2023} Get The All Relevant Details Here!

To learn more about Wannagetaway.comday which is celebrated by Southwest Airlines, and to see its growth, we have provided all the details.

Did you know about Wanna Get Away Before It? Are you aware of this Southwest Airlines amenity? This is a unique type of fare relaxation and will be discussed with the United States frequent flyer of Southwest Airlines.

Today’s news discussion will focus on Wannagetaway.com ,a day that was launched by a well-known airline. We will discuss all aspects of the news throughout the discussion and gather detailed information about it. Continue reading.

How about Wanna Gate Away?

Southwest Airlines created the term Wanna Gate Away in 1996 to describe their expansion. This is the marketing strategy used by Southwest Airlines to build relationships with customers and promote their airline. In the years that followed, Wanna Gate Away became the airline’s slogan.

June 18th is Wanna Get Away Day. It’s a national holiday in all eternity. This day was added to the National Day Calendar. In 2021 Wannagetaway.comnow receives an iconic recognition. Southwest Airlines, celebrating its 50th anniversary, officially declared Wanna Gate Away Day. The airline is currently celebrating its 51st founding day and the second anniversary of Wanna Gate Away Day. It is offering clients regular draws throughout the week to celebrate this official birthday. This is how airlines can connect more people.

What is the Wannagetaway.com day celebration strategy?

Wanna Get Away Day is a celebration by the airline this year, and will be held on June 12. Customers can participate in draw games as well as the latest fare products such Wanna Get Away Plus.

All day users have the opportunity to access rewards such as round-trip travels for 2 or more Rapid Rewards loyalty program member and prizes like the Most Wanted Publicity Companion Pass that can be cashed in June 18.

Wanna Gate Away is a great way for an airline to announce its expansion plans and to strengthen customer relationships.


  • Wana Gate Away is a refundable fare option?

Answer –No. It is not fully refundable. Instead, you will receive travel credit. Travellers who have Wanna Gate Away tickets are not eligible for same day alteration.

  • Southwest Airlines Wants to Gate Away Tickets?

Answer- If you cancel your tickets, the value of your ticket will be retained for future travel according to airline rules. You can use it up to 12 months.


We have included all of the information about the Wannagetaway.com that will allow Southwest Airlines clients to win prizes as well as the opportunity to take advantage of additional services such winning contests. You can find more information at Wannagateaway day and learn another fact.

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