Norstrat – Building on the Northern Strategy | What is NORSTRAT? Services & How It Works ?

NORSTRAT Consulting Incorporated was made to help customers who have a specific business goal or legal obligation to carry out parts of the Canadian Northern Strategy. This company works with government and military sites in Canada and the United States to offer consulting services on-site.

What Exactly Does NORSTRAT Do?

The goal of NORSTRAT is to help people with responsibilities or business goals build needed infrastructure in the North, which is part of Canada’s Northern Strategy. We do this by sharing our vast knowledge on the subject and putting all of our efforts into the success of our clients.

History of Norstrat

In 2010, the Canadian Forces and government officials worked together to make Norstrat. It all started with a small office in Canada, which was later moved to the US. Since then, he has worked with international clients to offer digital marketing strategies for his favorite telecom products, as well as public relations and marketing services.

They know how to use the Scandinavian strategy well. They started out as a small agency that worked out of an office. But because they worked hard and thought things through when putting the strategy into place, they have now covered all of the very successful parts of the United States. Even though he is doing well, he still has one of his first offices in Canada.

  • It is a global integrated communications company that offers services like public relations, digital marketing, and marketing through social media.
  • It is wants to grow its business all over the world.
  • Also, they like to check out new markets in their area.
  • It has given its customers a wide range of services based on what they need and want.

What Are The Services Offered by the NORSTRAT?

This company offers a wide range of services, including digital marketing, public relations, and communication improvement (SMO). Among these are, but are not limited to:

  • Description of the project and management assistance
  • Strategic business development training
  • Bid support and recording
  • Purchase Strategy Description
  • Performance requirements description
  • Cabinet Memorandum
  • Story expertise must be demonstrated.
  • Strategic counsel for a Northern Strategy campaign
  • Marketing research, strategy, and brand identity
  • Consultation on the internet

Norstrat Offers Partners Personalized Training:

This organization assures that its operations comply with NORSTRAT standards. The Norstrat Group of Companies is committed to providing our partners with additional services in addition to consulting services.
As part of its commitment, the following programmes have been established:

  1. Annual Security Meetings that allow members to collaborate, discuss best practices, and network with security professionals from a variety of fields.
  2. Our trained business, financial, and physical security professionals, hand-picked for their experience with Edmonton Police Services, RCMP National Security Programs, and Canadian Special Operations Units, can provide members with customized training.
  3. A relationship with a security expert from NORSTRAT Consulting, Inc. who will work with our partners to handle any security issues they may have.
  4. Exclusive discounts on business, financial, and physical security solutions from NORSTRAT Consulting Incorporated not available to the general public.

Who are Norstrat’s Clients?

Norstrats works with a wide range of companies and organizations, from small start-ups to the Fortune 100.
In other words, the company helps customers in the areas of healthcare, consumer goods, financial services, and entertainment.

  • It also offers services related to marketing. Some of these services are managing social media, planning paid media, and giving advice on campaigns.
  • Clients might hire the company to make advertising campaigns, set up events, or do market research, for example. One of Norstrat’s clients is Charles Schwab & Co.
  • Walt Disney is the owner of The Walt Disney Company. The World Bank Group is another one. The agency has done a lot of good work in its field.
  • Excellence awards have been presented to me by both the American Marketing Association and The American Business Honors.

How to Begin and Grow a Business with NORSTRAT Consulting

Anyone looking to launch or expand their business should contact NORSTRAT. They offer any service you require under one roof. Additionally, their team is made up of professionals in a variety of industries, ensuring the greatest outcomes for your company. You can use it to have all of your consulting needs met at once, for instance, they have an entrepreneur specialist that can assist you get started with your business concept!

Get Direction, Advice, And Help:

NORSTRAT Consulting is a business that helps organizations that want to do well in the current business environment by giving them leadership, insight, and help. The company thinks that the best way to build a strong future is to know what is going on right now. So, the NORSTRAT Consulting team works well together and comes up with new ways to solve the company’s problems.

In the end, it’s important to keep in mind that the market for consultants right now is not limited to just one industry. Instead, it has gone global by offering solutions to problems in many different industries.
And these are just the beginning. The world of consulting is still big, and people who want to get access to advanced solutions have a lot of options.

A Genuine Approach to Business Consulting:

The consulting firm is among the oldest and most prestigious in the world. The Canadian consulting firm specializes in helping businesses with their strategies, public relations, marketing, IT, and intelligence gathering.

The core competencies of are as follows:

  • Economically progressive public policy.
  • An education that encourages development and growth as human beings.
  • Value-adding innovations.

Infrastructure projects can be tough to implement due to their high price tags and lengthy development times. To this end, the Canadian government is actively seeking consulting firms to reduce the time and resources spent on such initiatives. See below for more information if a position with this company interests you.

The Canadian government and businesses alike can benefit from innovations like Norstrat, which simplifies the process of implementing necessary infrastructure for new projects. After serving in the military, the people who would later build this firm saw an opportunity to create a company that would aid the growth of other enterprises in their area.

Consulting business this firm has helped numerous household names and the Canadian government.
Over the course of more than three decades, Norstrat has served as a trusted IT partner to the nation’s government. We are recognized as a leading Canadian consulting organization.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

People who want to use Norstrat Consulting’s services most often ask the same questions.

How long have people been using Norstrat?

Since 1988, Norstrat has been around. It is used by businesses in Canada to get help from consultants.

What does Norstrat do to help businesses?

Norstrat is a Canadian consulting firm that helps companies grow quickly.

What are some reasons to work with Norstrat?

Norstrat is a consulting firm that has helped companies grow for more than 30 years. They can help you grow your business and reach your goals if they have a team of experienced people.

What’s in it for me to work with Norstrat?

Many businesses in Canada use this platform because they know they can trust it. Norstrat’s goal is to help businesses grow by giving them the best business consulting services.


The Norstrat consultant will provide their services in a variety of packages, which you may select from their official website. The Norstrat’s assessments are all unique, and they will match your needs. Finally, the information provided above is critical for understanding the this firm consultant and approaching them for business development.

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