McLaren’s MSO LAB shows the details of the Genesis collection

British luxury carmaker McLaren Automotive today announced the details of its inaugural start-up collection for the recently launched MSO LAB digital community. The unlimited, invitation-only coin celebrates one of McLaren’s most coveted cars – the P1 ™, the world’s first hybrid car, and its unique version, the P1 ™ GTR. A decade after its launch, P1 ™ remains a real icon of technological performance and achievement. Only P1 ™ & P1 ™ GTR NFTs 2,012 will be created to celebrate 2012, the year P1 ™ was officially launched at the Paris Vehicle Exhibition, and each will receive the most unique MSO LAB treatment.

MSO LAB and McLaren

Aside from P1TM skins, which will be awarded 14 MSO LAB Honorary Members, which include guests from the world of art, fashion and cryptocurrency, only NFT 1,998 will be available at McLaren market, which is run by support and its Metaverse InfinteWorld partner. Currency is random, the price per NFT is 0.5ETH.

The Genesis Collection consists of five levels with eight unique characteristics, namely:

  • LAB Studio: P1 ™, Treatment: Level 1 paint and pins. It is reduced to only 1,000 pieces
  • LAB + label: P1 ™, Treatment: The second stage of varnish, the more detailed pins and fades. Reduced by 893 pieces only
  • LAB Function: P1 ™ GTR, Treatment: MSO LAB color in color combinations. It is reduced to only 100 pieces
  • LAB Honor P1 ™ or P1 ™ GTR is not for sale and has the gift of selecting McLaren community members.
  • LAB icons, P1 ™ & P1 ™ GTR, specially designed. Reduced to only five, each with a unique McLaren design.

  • 1. P1 T GTR ™ in McLaren’s unique version of papaya and Bruce McLaren ‘four’ race number ‘
  • 2. P1 ™ popular with the famous “OOV” badge.
  • 3. The sister structure of P1 ™ which carries the license plate “OOU”.
  • 4. P1 ™ on invisible carbon fiber black
  • 5. P1 ™ The post-race GTR which has all the indications to exit the track

NFT Owners of Genesis Collection will receive membership in the MSO LAB digital community that will transcend access and use limits. The collection will be released at 14:00 CEST on May 11 and will give McLaren owners and other specially invited people the opportunity to achieve priority. 48 hours later, on May 13 at 14:00 CEST, the remaining NFTs at the rally will be opened to a select group of invited NFT communities. Each buyer will receive his or her NFT as a 1: 1 presentation of a three-quarter view of the front part of their P1 ™ or P1 ™ GTR, accompanied by a 1: 1 animation showing unique medical and therapeutic dates (non-transferable when resold. )

Additionally, each customer will receive a 9:16 presentation of their P1 ™ or P1 ™ GTR (not to be resold when re-sold) and of course membership to the new MSO LAB and the McLaren digital community. Value will continue to change as McLaren continues to work with the MSO LAB community and jointly explore the possibilities of the Web3 era to use new and innovative ways to push the boundaries of access, ownership and experience.

“It’s very fitting that our P1TM, the first hybrid car in the world we launched, is the inspiration for the first McLaren Start-up Collection from MSO LAB, which we launched today.” “This collection of exclusive, informal invitation coins includes five MSO LAB standards and when it goes on sale soon at McLaren Market, it will be reduced to only NFTs 2,012 to mark the launch year of P1TM Thanksgiving. Each buyer also becomes a member of the community. digital MSO LAB, which will continue to push the boundaries of accessibility and experience. Gareth Dunsmore, Chief Marketing Officer, McLaren Automotive. Courtesy of photo: McLaren

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