Levo PA71 Power Bank Quick Review

The Levo PA71 is a high-quality, compact and portable power bank. Charge your smartphones and small devices like portable fans, laptops, cameras, and other devices.

This is an advanced power bank with built-in solar cells to charge your Levo on a sunny day without electricity.

The powerhouse has two charging ports, one for smartphones and one for devices like fans.

Levo PA71 is one of the best preferences for those who are always working hard and don’t have free time to manage device charges. Finding smart charging points is tough, but the Levo PA71 has it covered.

What is the Levo PA71 power bank?

Levo PA71 power bank provides more than 7100mAh battery backup. You can perfectly charge your laptops, smartphones, AirPods and other things like this.

Another amazing fact, you can easily charge your mini fans and cooler in case of power failure.

This power station is equipped with solar technology, revealing their concerns about charging the power stations.

If you are a busy bee and forget to charge your devices, Levo is the best partner. Charging your expensive phones at the restaurant or gas station might seem risky or awkward; Levo helps you at this time.

What’s in the Levo PA71 box?

You’ll also get essentials when you get the Levo PA71. The package also contains a user guide, so you can get all the details efficiently.

Here is the list of items that go in the box;

    • Warranty Information Card
    • Buyer/user guide
    • Power bank
    • Charging cable
    • Suitcase

Always read the buyer’s guide before using the power station. This helps in using the device safely and avoids any unpleasant circumstances.

How to use the Levo PA71?

Whenever you’re stuck in a place where there’s no way to charge, use the Levo PA71 to charge your devices. To power your smartphone, connect your phone to the power bank via the mobile charging cable. Lo and behold, the phone starts to charge quickly.

To charge the external battery, simply connect its cable and turn on the main power supply.

Solar cell technology is another simple way to recharge power stations. Use the power of Mr. Sol to charge your Levo PA71. Sunlight helps a lot.

Why do we need Levo PA71?

In the age of technology, everyone needs gadgets and especially smartphones. Home appliances are becoming an inseparable part of our daily lives, and for them to work well, we need to charge them.

But what if there is a power outage, you will surely miss your project meetings. Oh! Don’t worry, the Levo PA71 is at your service and you won’t miss a meeting.

Whether you are a student, businessman, traveler or whatever your profession, Levo is the ideal partner.

It will also charge your laptops, smartphones, Bluetooth devices and mini gadgets.

Advantages and features of the Levo Pa71

Let’s find out more about Levo PA71 and check its specifications.


It has a built-in battery that can pick up over 700 watt hours of energy. Its special brass motor can easily produce 90 NM torque.

Integrated solar panels

One of the amazing technologies provided by Levo is its solar cells. You can charge them whenever you want, don’t worry about electricity.


The manufacturer brand offered a one-year warranty. But you won’t want a warranty as it’s a complete device.

Fast charge

Not only does Levo PA71 charge your phone in no time, it can also be charged easily. It takes 4 hours to fully charge and be ready to charge your devices.

Power capacity

Levo PA71 has a large power capacity close to 12000 mAh. That means you can charge your phone seven times in a row.

After changing its power station for 4 hours, the phone will turn on without any problems.

Charging sockets

The device has two charging sockets, one is a USB port and the other is an AC outlet. So it’s not only for phones, but also a good choice for mini fans and coolers.


Its lightweight and small size make it very convenient for travel and also helps during school hours.

Range of colors

Levo offers silver and black. Choose your favorite.


Despite its high energy capacity and fast charging speed, Levo is a very light device. So you can manage and manage it easily.

Amazing design

The Levo PA71 is easy to maintain, just open the lid and remove the mat and silicone sheath to clean any type of distiller.

Thanks to the maker’s mark for this elegant work of art with simple cleaning tips.

It’s simple cleaning highlight with smooth and shrewd plan is very motivating.

Multiple configuration option on Levo PA71

The Levo PA71 offers five different types of suspension settings. Pitch conversion can only be child’s play if you are a professional tuner.

Otherwise it is difficult and sometimes it becomes more complex.

How to increase the battery life of the Levo PA71 Power Bank

Each device requires proper maintenance, which results in an increase in its service life. Careless use, improper cleaning, and lack of care will kill them. Here are some exciting maintenance tips for the Levo PA71.

    • Don’t overcharge your phone, it will heat up the power bank and cause battery crisis. This will shorten the life of the power station.
    • Always keep your smartphone in airplane mode while charging.
    • Keep your device away from moisture, it will damage the power bank battery.
    • Store in a cool, dry spot for best performance.
    • Unplug the Levo PA71 immediately after it is fully charged.
    • If you want to charge your device more than once, divide the battery mAh by the device mAh to check how many times to charge your phone.
    • Waterproof case is the best choice for power bank safety.

How much does the Levo PA71 cost?

The PA71 costs $75, you can easily buy it from Amazon or other online retailers. It can be easily purchased at hardware stores.


The PA71 is a compact, durable and lightweight portable power bank with fast charging capability. Its 4 hour charge will power your phone seven times in a row.


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