Jolta Electric Bikes Price & Specification in Pakistan

Jolta electrics bikes come in Pakistan with several unique speciation and features. These bikes are locally produced and available at a reasonable price. These bikes are superior to traditional petrol bikes for various aspects. These bikes are much more comfortable and easy to use than other regular motorcycles, and require minimal maintenance. The maximum speed of these bikes is up to 55 kilometers per hour.

Jolta electric bikes use dry batteries & the Battery power of these batteries is 20AH and delivered 1000 watts. They require almost overnight charging and covered 80 kilometers of distance in full charge. These bikes require 1.5 to 1.8 unit of power. All spare parts of Jolta Electric bikes are available in the market. There are three driving moods Eco, Normal, and Sport are available in jolta electric bikes. The best thing about these bikes is pollution-free and noise-free to protect the environment.

This article will discuss speed, spare parts, safety, range, battery, specification, and Jolta electric bike price in Pakistan. Jolta is the first electric vehicle company in Pakistan. Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan inaugurated this first locally produced electric bike in July 2023.

Jolta Models:

This company also introduced various models of motorcycles based on different engine power.

Types Models
Bike JE-70 D
Bikes JE-70D SE
Scooty JE-Scooty
Cycle JE-Cycle

These models include JE-70 D, JE-70 D SE, JE-Scootyand JE- Cycle. These motorcycles are energy efficient and can be charged overnight. They also have other features like no gear and clutch as well as low maintenance. Jolta bikes have different speed statements from 10 to 60 kilometers per hour and after full charge, can cover 60 to 100 kilometers of distance.

Jolta JE 70-D:

Here, we’ll discuss all information about the power, range, charging, range, and speed of Pakistan’s first electric bike Jolta JE-70 D. 

Battery Info:

The JE-70 D bike consists of a pack of five dry batteries. 1000 Watts of power is delivered by these batteries. You may charge the bike at home overnight. A complete charge of these batteries uses 1.5 units of electricity. The life span JE-70 D bike almost has 1.5 years. After that, depending on their condition, you can obtain replaced batteries for roughly RS. 3000 to 4000.

Travel range:

The bike JOLTA JE-70 D can go almost 40 kilometers in Sports Mood, 60 kilometers in Normal Mood, andup to 80 kilometers in Eco Mode on a complete charge.

Maximum Speed:

The Jolta JE-70 D motorcycle has 50 kilometers per hour maximum speed on the straight road.

Spare Parts:

Jolta electric motorcycle seems like a traditional motorcycle excluding battery storage. All spare parts are the same as any other bike accessoriesin Pakistan like indicators, lights, wheels shocks, and mudguard means “tappa”.

Driving Modes:

The Jolta electric bike consists of three driving modes: Sport, Normal, and Eco. A simple button on the right handle, allows you to switch between settings.


Customers can get a three-month guarantee on their electric bikes from Jolta electrics Bikes.


The jolta electric motorcycle is safe to ride in the rain. The features of the bike are water-resistant batteries and a motor. The battery cabin is made up of fiber, and the electric supply to the engine is switched off by a breaker.

Difference Between Jolta JE-70 D and SE:

There are only one difference in JE-70 D and SE and the difference is Speed. JE-70 D can go 50km per hour and JE-70D SE can go 60km per hour.

Jolta JE-Scooty:

Here is information all about Jolta Electric Scooty which consists of its price, specification, battery timing, and much more.  The Jolta Electic -scooty is powered by a dry battery which is delivered 1000 watts The scooty can be charged overnight. The battery power of scooty is 20 AH. When it comes to unit consumption the battery charging will need 1.8 units of electricity.

The Electric scooty whole condition is admirable and it is similar to Honda Dio which launched in the Chinese market. It has comfortable seating and is small in size. The company has manufactured for both men and women. The Jolta electric scooty can travel 80 kilometers in Eco Mode, 60 kilometers in Normal Mood, and almost 40 kilometers in Sports Mood in full charge.

The maximum speed of the  Electric scooty is 60 kilometers per hour on the plane road.  All spare parts JE-Scooty are almost the same as any other bikes like indicators, lights, wheels shocks, and mudguard.  The electric Scooty has three driving moods: Sport Normal, and Eco. A simple button on it, allows you to switch between moods. electric scooty give a three-month warranty on their electric vehicle.

The  electric Scooty is safe to ride in the rain. The Scooty has water-resistant batteries and a motor. The electric supply to the engine is switched off by a breaker.

Jolta JE-Cycle:

Jolta electric Cycle has some technical specifications. Jolta Electric Cycle consists of a dry battery that supplies 250 Watts.  –JE charging time is 3 hours. The power of the battery is 36/12 AH.

Electric Cycle is consists of good quality tires and tubes. There is no disk brake is available in it. Jolta JE-Cycle has 30-kilometer mileage per charge. The  JE motorcycle has a maximum speed of 35 kilometers per hour.

Jolta JE-Cycle also has spare parts like other traditional motorcycles. All spare parts are included tires, tubes, paddles, shocks, and mudguards. electrics bikes offers a three-month warranty to their customers on their electric cycle.

The electric cycle is safe to run in the rain because of its water-resistant batteries and a motor. It has a Lithium-ION battery.

Jolta Electric Bike Price in Pakistan:

Jolta Electric bikes prices in Pakistan are given below.

Types Models Prices
Bike JE-70 D Rs.89,500
Bikes JE-70D SE Rs.93,500
Scooty JE-Scooty Rs.110,000
Cycle JE-Cycle Rs.42,500

Benefits of Jolta Electric Bikes:

Jolta electric bike has electric conversational kits with the unification and top quality that give an amazing riding experience. Significantly Electric bike is less expensive and more enjoyable because of no petrol expense and removal of powertrain maintenance. It reduces pollution and protects the environment. As these bikes are locally manufactured, they will contribute to Pakistan’s wealth.

  • No clutch
  • Energy efficient
  • No gears
  • Overnight Charging
  • Low maintenance required


We concluded that in Pakistan electric bikes are similar to other regular bikes. These bikes have very low rates and are more enjoyable. All Jolta bikes are petrol-free, pollution-free, and smoke-free due to no mechanical engine.


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