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This article about Is Zumpos Legit will guide shoppers to the credibility and authenticity. The users can go through the specifics of the website.

Have you heard about this brand new all-in- one online store? We’re sure that many of you are familiar with that name. The website is owned by America. United States, and there is a flurry of excitement about this The legitimacy of the website is a further aspect that people are looking to.

Is Zumpos a scam? Don’t be worried, users. We will be there to answer your issue the same way we do. Read this article about Zumpos Legit Zumpos Legal on our website to learn about the credibility and authenticity of the site. Keep reading for more information.

Is Zumpos genuine?

Zumpos can be described as an internet store which lets buyers shop an array of items including women’s handbags and electronic items for homes and chairs, as well as other similar furniture. Customers can read the policies on the site or review the site’s reviews as well as other details like the date of registration and trust score, among others. However, the issue is how to determine whether this site is legitimate or a scam.

Through reading these Zumpos reviews buyers can determine the authenticity and other details. We’ve provided the following information to help users clear their doubts about whether is genuine or not:

  • Date of registration The website is only four months old. It was registered on March 3 2022. This website is brand new and therefore not very trustworthy or reliable.
  • trust score Zumpos’s trust rating isn’t what it appears to be. Zumpos can’t be trusted with just a 2 percentage trust rating.
  • Registrar We’d be happy to notify our visitors of the fact that is registered with 123-Reg Limited.
  • Customer Feedback: Is Zumpos Legit? We don’t believe that it is. The reviews are not available on the official site and on other websites online.
  • Social Media The website’s Social Media presence has been reduced to not present because it doesn’t include any Social Media accounts.
  • data Security This site is secured by protocol, which makes the domain secure.
  • Lost Data Information such as phone number, email address, along with office location are listed on the web site.
  • Policies The policies mentioned on the site are acceptable.

We will also inform our readers about features available and provide a comprehensive review of the shop.

Overview Based on the question: Is Zumpos Legit

Zumpos is a site which offers a broad range of merchandise for its customers such as women’s clothing and electronic products like tubes lights and more. as well as a variety of other hardware items. We’ve highlighted some of the items that the website offers below:

  • Night Pleated Shades
  • Alarms powered by batteries
  • Folding Chair
  • Women Handbags

Features of Zumpos

We have highlighted the most important functions on the site below. Take a look at the information below.

  • The URL to buy from this website is
  • Email Address:
  • Phone Number: 818-679-5675
  • Address Details: 11980 Bromont Ave, Pacoima, CA, 91331, US
  • To verify, Is Zumpos Legit We did not receive any reviews for the website’s products. We could not discover any reviews on any of the websites online either.
  • A Return and Refund policy: The website’s customers can request an exchange within 14 days of the day they receive the item
  • Shipping Policy: On the website, the policy on shipping stated on the website states that it will take USPS 5-10 days to deliver your package.
  • Payment Modes: PayPal.

Positive Points

  • Contact number, email address, and more are also mentioned.
  • An domain secures Zumpos.

Negative Points

  • There are no reviews available.
  • No social media profiles are currently available.

Zumpos Reviews

We could not find any reviews on this product’s on the website. Additionally, the website lists office addresses as well as other contact details such as email address and phone number however, the social media pages are not available. We recommend that users pay attention when using this site because this site appears to be a fraud.

There has been a dramatic rise in scams on the internet. Users should also look out credit Card frauds. We have also discussed our final opinion on

Final Summary:

In conclusion of this article on is Zumpos a legitimate business The website’s time span is quite short, as it’s only 4 months old. The website has a poor trust scores and appears to be a fraud. The users can also review several things to take note of when shopping online.

If you notice any suspicious behavior while shopping online, we’d recommend that they look up this article about PayPal Scamming and how to request the refund.

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