Is Sicklele Scam (January 2023) Check The Detailed Reviews Here!

Are you able to find the most accurate solution to the question: is Sicklele Scam? Read this article to find an honest review.

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Swimming is among the most popular ways to keep your body healthy and safe. Furthermore, as per the United States report that swimming stimulates a variety of joints in the body as well as muscles. But, it is important to ensure that the equipment is employed by a diver or swimmer in order to avoid undesirable circumstances.

In this write-up we will discuss the most important aspects of collected from various sources that we have found to determine the truth about Sicklele scam.?

Is False?

  • Domain Expiry Date The analysis we conducted revealed the fact that this website is valid for only 23-04-2023.
  • Credibility Score-We have gotten the score of 2% which provides a sketchy picture of the site.
  • Social Images for Media and Connections The analysis identified no social icons.
  • Customer Reviews Over Trust pilot, we’ve accumulated none of the reviews. Additionally, we did not discover any additional reviews across different sources.
  • Discounts presented Discounts on items aren’t offered, however, according to an official source, similar products are offered on various e-commerce websites with a minimal cost. But, this website sells goggles at a significant increase.
  • Owner’s InfoIn our research for Sicklele Review We haven’t seen any representation from this website. In the About Us section, a name, Aaron, is seen as the owner of Burbli.
  • Domain Age The study found that the date of its creation is 23-04-2022 . It is two month and three days old.
  • Account Reliability Two addresses are listed on the website, showing the possibility of fraudulent since a legitimate site would never use different addresses in their website.
  • Alexa Rank We conducted an investigation revealed an 4892931 Alexa Rank.
  • Policies Based on our survey, the policy information is fine.
  • trust Rank(TR) : A 0.9/100 value is noted that raises questions Do you think it’s Sicklele Scam?

About This Portal

According to the threads the website auctions just 2 HD and waterproof swimming Goggles. Our investigation also revealed the samething, however, within the About Us section, we discovered another website, with burbli’s details, which claimed the sale of musical products. However, the site claimed that Aaron who was an engineer at the sound studio, founded burbli in the year 2013. Therefore, since the information provided on About Us seem copied from another website, we must look for more information. If you’ve thought about buying an product from this website it is the perfect opportunity to evaluate its honest results. We will now look at the passage that is not so obvious to discover more details.

Indicating Specifications To Find Is Sicklele Scam?

  • is the portal’s official URL.
  • Only two goggles for swimming are listed.
  • The website displayed and as the email addresses.
  • They provide a no-cost shipping option worldwide.
  • The addresses that were found are the following: 13425 Key Largo Rd Tampa in Ohio, 33612 as well as 161 Pine Lake Drive, Coventry, Connecticut, 06238, United States.
  • Their policy on refunds is valid for 30 days from the date of the purchase.
  • 23-04-2022 is the estimated date of registration, meaning that it was registered two months and three days prior to that date.
  • They offer a 30 day return policy for buyers.
  • We checked that the option to sign up for newsletters is not available and we have a question What is Sicklele Scam?
  • The customer should send an email them to request a return of the product.
  • Two numbers for contact, such as +1518-481 0579 and +1-224-888-4734 are available on the site.
  • The official hours of operation are Monday through Saturday, 9 am until 11 pm, and on Sunday between 11 am and 5 pm.
  • The normal delivery can take approximately 7 to 15 days.
  • The absence of social icons is noticed.
  • The payment options include credit cards and PayPal.

Profits Spotted

  • The contact information and the location are provided.

Snags Discovered

  • Two addresses and numbers are given which raises suspicion.
  • We haven’t found any feedback on Trust pilot.
  • The icons are missing.
  • Sicklele reviews are not available on the portal.

What Are Users’ Opinions?

While scouring links for this website, we found none of the opinions or feedback on Trust pilot. Additionally, this site seems not reliable due to the existence of two contact numbers and addresses. Furthermore the low scores as well as the absence of social networks have rendered the site as untrustworthy in general. Find out more about frauds committed by credit cards on this page.

The Concluding Thoughts

This piece of writing clarified the various strings that are connected to and revealed it to be an untrustworthy website. Therefore, we advise you to wait for legitimate reviews to be posted before you consider purchasing. Learn the essential warnings about PayPal fraudulent transactions HereFind out more about the items in the pool here..

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