How Do I Check My NetSpend Balance? (2023)

Netspend is a very convenient tool in the hands of people who tend to overspend using their credit or debit cards and then struggle to make the repayments. Let’s say you buy a prepaid Netspend Visa or Mastercard and keep spending with it. The worst that can happen is you would have exhausted spending all the amount. Your card may be declined the next time you try using it. But you need not worry, there won’t be any charges for declining of the card. But why wait till that eventuality?

You can learn how to check Netspend balance without much hassle and keep loading more money. Here are the ways to check your Netspend balance. There are apps with different features to help you with this.

Sign Up for Anytime Alerts

The key feature of this app is that it gives you the flexibility to popup alerts as frequently as you want. If you don’t use the Netspend card very often, you can set it to a weekly alert or even a monthly alert. But if you are on a shopping spree and wish to be careful on how much you are swiping the card for, then you can even choose a daily alert.

And these alerts can include all kinds of information about the card, apart from just the transactions made. Most carriers in the US support the Anytime Alerts app. There is a dedicated number 22622 for sending SMS to know your balance. Once you sign up for Anytime Alerts, you can access your NetSpend card balance by simply texting “BAL” to 22622.

Online Account Center for Laptops

If you are more comfortable checking your Netspend balance using your laptop or PC, then there is this Netspent online account center. Besides checking the balance on the prepaid card, you can do much more with this facility and it has been assigned maximum security to ensure criminals don’t barge in.

Netspend Mobile App

There is the Netspend mobile app that is equally dynamic in its design and features. Use the app to get all information you need about your Netspend card including sending money to someone or even receiving from others.

Other Resources You Can Tap

The above listed resources should be sufficient to keep you abreast of the transactions, available balance on the Netspend prepaid card and much more. However, the sources to know the balance don’t stop at this. If you are planning to get a reload done on your Netspend prepaid card, the executive at the reload location can check and tell you how much balance you have left in the card. There’s even a Toll-free number to call, 1-866-387-7363, to check your balance for a $0.50 fee. This is an automated response facility. You won’t get to speak to anyone and the interactive voice recorder or IVR will respond to your questions.

And lastly there are the ATMs that have tied up with Netspend where too, you have to facility to reload the amounts on to your card. These ATMs have the additional feature to give out the current balance on your Netspend prepaid card account.

Aria Miller: