How Do I Activate My Kohl’s Charge Card? (2023)

Why is a Kohl’s charge card sent to you inactive? It is to protect you from a possible identity theft. To use your card, you will have to activate it. The activation process basically involves you acknowledging that you have indeed received your card. If you don’t, then someone else will activate it and make payments directly from your account.

You can activate a Kohl’s charge card in three basic ways: online, via the phone or by visiting a Kohl’s store in person. We discuss these in detail below:

How to Activate a Kohl’s Charge Card Online?

Step 1. Go to the website and register as a new card user. You will need to open the account registration page by clicking “My Kohl’s Charge” tab. It is found at the top right corner of the account registration page.

Step 2. Go to the “Register Now” section and enter the charge card number (12 digits).

Step 3. After creating a username and password, you will be required to choose a security question and provide an answer to it. When creating the username and password, you will need to combine uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers. These are case-sensitive. You will be asked the security question if you ever forget your username or password. Don’t forget to input your current email address.

Step 4. Click “Submit“ to complete the registration. To verify the registration, open your email address and click the link provided.

Step 5. Now that you have your online account up and running, you can log in using your case-sensitive username and password. After that, you can now activate a Kohl’s charge card. Open “Account Summary” and click “Activate Now”, which is the green button on the upper part of the page.

Step 6. Click “Ok“ and you will be taken away from the “Account Activated” window. In that simple and easy way, your card will be activated.

How to Activate a Kohl’s Charge Card by Phone?

If you are unable to activate a Kohl’s credit card online, you can do so through the phone. You need to have information such as the charge card number, social security number, and so on. During the activation process, you may be asked to give this information.

You will have to call the number: (800)-954-0244. Once you are connected, you will have to follow the audio instructions provided. Go through the entire process and your card will be activated that simple and easy.

How to Activate a Kohl’s Charge Card Physically?

It is possible that may you need to use your Kohl’s credit card immediately without going through the online or phone activation process. All you need to do is visit your nearest Kohl’s store to make a purchase. Once you make the payment, your card will be activated that simple and easy.

As you can see, activating a Kohl’s charge card is very easy. If you want to use your card immediately after receiving it, you may want to go with it to the store to make a purchase.

Aria Miller: