Google Pixelbook 12in Full Features And Specifications (Fully Updated)

Google Pixelbook 12in is the latest Chromebook invention with advanced features and a styled look. Chromebooks are different from old-style PCs and laptops. They focus on advanced performance, and their efficiency is excellent. Its operating system includes cloud storage and has the most delicate features of Google.

They provide several layers of protection against hackers’ attacks. Pixelbook 12in is the newest invention from the traditional technology with low cost, high-performing specifications, and its sleek and stylish look.

Features of Google PixelBook 12in

Google pixelbook 12inhas a 1.2 GHz Intel processor with Core i5-7Y57 Dual-Core processing capability. It has an 8GB Ram with 128GB SSD card. Its touchscreen is 12.3”, i.e. 2400 X 1600. Google PixelBook 12in has integrated Intel HD 615 Graphics.

It has the 802.11ac Dual-Band Wi-Fi capability with Bluetooth 4.2, webcam, speaker, microphones, and mic/headphone combo jack. For extra storage, it supports USB of Type-C with two ports. It is designed with an aluminum uni-body and Gorilla Glass screen. It operates the Chrome OS.

Google Pixelbook Specs

  • Google PixelBook 12in has a built-in Google Assistant with a devoted hotkey and voice activation technology. It helps you to answer the questions, and you have to say, “ok, Google,” it will get things done. It allows you to manage your daily tasks and much more.
  • The battery timing varies depending on its use. It sometimes lasts up to 10 hours.
  • Pixelbook is also featured with the apps both for work and play.

Google Pixelbook Model

It is an outstanding innovation of Google as a small laptop B&H number is GOPBI58128 and with manufacturer number of GA00122-US with the sleekest and most appealing laptop in the market.

Its metal unibody with an additional silicon wrist handle and accents makes it more attractive. It does not resemble any traditional laptop or tab.

Google Pixelbook Performance

Google pixelbook i7 is the most flexible entertainment gadget available in the market. It has the functionality both as a laptop and tab. This is the 7th generation Core i5 Google Device with a 1.2 GHz Intel Core L5-7Y57 Dual-Core Processor with a maximum boost speed of 3.3GHz.

It has total installed memory of 8GB with an additional USB port of Type-C. Google PixelBook 12in has Intel HD Graphics 615 with integrated Graphic types.

Google Pixelbook Display

This smart entertainment gadget provides a sharp and crisp vision due to its built-in Intel HD graphics facility. It gives a resolution of 2400 X 1600pixel with a brightness ranking of 400 cd/m2. The standard size of this Pixelbook is 12.3’’ with an aspect ratio of 3:2.

It has two operation modes: a touch screen and a pixel pen book. You can write, draw, drag, and explore through a pixel pen book easily. It has a refresh rate of 60Hz and has non-adaptive-Sync technology.

Google Pixelbook Storage and Expansion

The total installed storage capacity in Google PixelBook 12in is 128Gb. It has the solid-state storage of 1 X 128 GB integrated eMMC, which is not enough; you can also connect an external storage device.

It is without an expansion slot and optical drive. Google PixelBook 12in has an internal storage capacity of 512 GB and provides back options to save your data for offline use, making it a more effective device.

Google Pixelbook Input/Output Devices

To support the additional storage devices, it supports the 2 USB ports of Type-C, 2 X USB 3.1, and USB 3.2 Gen 2. It does not endorse any media card slot. It has 2 in 1 audio support system of 1 x 1/8” and 3.5 mm. Also has two built-in speakers and four built-in microphones.

Google Pixelbook Communication Methods

Google PixelBook 12in does not have any Ethernet. It supports the Wi-Fi 5 with 802.11ac with dual-band 2.4 & 5 GHz. It also helps the Mu-MMO of 2X2. Its Bluetooth ranges from 4.2 with no GPS and Network interference Card to connect with the other devices. It has a user-facing webcam of 720 pixels.

Google Pixelbook Battery Life

The life of the battery depends on the usage of the device. The estimated battery life can be 12 hours on a single charge. It has a battery capacity of non-removable 4-Cell with 41 Wh. Google designed this device with fast charging options; it promises to give you 2 hours of usage after charging for 15 minutes.

Google Pixelbook Keyboard & Mouse

The Google PixelBook 12in has two modes touch screen and pixel pen book. It also has a notebook keyboard with a backlight; instead of a mouse, it has a pointing device called the touchpad.

Google Pixelbook General Info

Google PixelBook 12in supports the security of Firmware TPM(Software-based) to protect against possible attacks. Its power supply is 45 W with dimensions of 11.4 X 0.4 X8.7” and 290.4 X 11.2 X 220.8mm.

It has a net weight of 2.45lb, which is 1.11 kg, making it portable and easy to carry. Like the Chrome book, Google PixelBook has Chrome OS operating system.

Google Pixelbook Packaging Info

It is delivered to you fully packed and protected from the damaging. Its packaging weight is 6.95 kg with the box dimensions of 4.4 X 11.75 X17.4 (HXWXD).

Google Pixelbook Price

The price of the Google PixelBook 12in varies depending on the processing capacity and internal storage. Here is the table to help you to decide which one suits your pocket:

Processor RAM ROM Price
i5 8GB 256GB $849
i5 16GB 256GB $999
i5 16GB 512GB $1399
i6 16GB 512GB $1699

Google Pixelbook Advantages & Disadvantages

Everything has some advantages and disadvantages. Like all other things, it also has advantages and disadvantages to help you make decisions. The most important of them is their sleek and stylish design.

It has an exceptional keyboard to make it easy to use. It also supports the android system. Some of its drawbacks are that it has a poor audio system and no biometric option available.

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