Google Pixelbook 12-inch Review _ Complete Guide

Google Pixelbook 12-inch Review

Google Pixelbook 12in is an ultra-portable. The Chromebooks are returning to fashion thanks to their unique design. Chromebooks are speedier and more efficient than the other laptops and computers.


The PixelBook 12in comes with a four-in-one design with an aluminum body that’s elegant and fashionable. The PixelBook 12in can be used to function as a laptop, tablet and also an entertainment mode as well as a tent. It features a multitouch display. This is the primary difference between the Googlebook and other notebooks with full-touch capabilities.

The size of the google book’s pixels (12in) is 290.4mm wide as well as 220.8mm wide. The thickness of the book measures 0.44 millimeters. The weight of this Chromebook weighs 2.45lb It is a very lightweight Chromebook. It’s lightweight enough for daily tasks. It is lighter than Macbook air which is readily available in the market.


The Chromebook is equipped with 2 USB Type C ports, as well being a 3.5mm headset connection. However, Chromebooks come with more connectivity ports because of their larger sides panels. Wireless connectivity is provided by Bluetooth integrated 4.2 together with 802.11ac Wi-Fi.

Keyboard & Trackpad

It has a large keyboard that has a 19mm pitch , along with googles help keys. The keyboard is comfortable feel and the keys have backlights. This is the ideal keyboard for long-lasting typing. Its Google Pixel Book 12 inches is more roomy than the other Chromebooks. The trackpad is fully transparent and comes with multi-touch capabilities. It also comes with an edge-to-edge trackpad.


The Chromebooks came with an IPS display with a resolution of 1080p. Then, the Google Pixelbook 12in was launched with an resolution of 2400x 1200 pixels. The first Chromebook that has a display of high-quality. The Pixel book is 12 inches wide is a product of Google Pixel book 12inch comes with a stunning display that has a 12.3in screen. 12.3inch screen with vibrant colors which make 4K-resolution videos crystal clear and crystal clear. Its multi-touch display is regarded as top of top of the class.

Although this feature was available in earlier versions Pixel book 12, the Pixel book 12 has the capability to integrate with different entertainment functions including Android apps, for instance. The most common usage for this feature is that the Pixel book 12 on the display is accurate with regard to the detection of touch, and it is highly likely to not make any mistakes. At the final, it will provide customers with a seamless and consistent experience.

Storage & Memory

It is available in three storage options: Google Chromebook is introduced in three storage options: 128GB one, 256GB and 128GB with 256 GB, 128 GB, and the 512 GB. 128GB comes as the primary storage choice for Google’s Google Pixel Book however, it is possible to upgrade it to 512GB based on how you use it and your storage preferences. The storage option is NVMe. It’s the one that is used for Pixel Book 12in. Pixel book 12in, and is believed to be a little more efficient than SSD storage.

The computer is equipped with 8GB and 16GB memory. It’s capable of multitasking via Chrome OS, and you can upgrade your memory to meet your needs. You can look up different storage and memory options in the Google Pixel Book below to select the most appropriate.

Processor & Graphics

It has its 3.30 7.7 GHz Intel Core I5 processor and I7 processor, which is fast enough to perform daily tasks with ease. These processors are excellent for gaming and more speedy browsing. It’s powered on Intel’s Intel UHD 615 GPU. It’s the UHD 615 is capable of running some of the toughest 10000 game titles on a PC and it is the perfect to work to the processor employed.

Battery Life & Audio

Google PixelBook Google PixelBook has an average battery life at 10 hours. It’s 41 Whr of capacity and powered by a 45-watt battery. One of the most notable features in this Chromebook is that it has a fast charging capability. It can be charged for between two and fifteen minutes. Also last for around. 7.5 hours in only 60 minutes. It has a battery lifespan of 7.5 hours. It is able to meet the demands of life.

It’s also able to carry almost anywhere. The Google PixelBook(12in) wasn’t able to provide the required audio quality. They’re not as powerful however they can have high-pitched music that captivates the ears.

Gaming Capabilities

Google Pixel Book 12in can be described as a gaming laptop. This integrated GPU of the Chromebook has Intel UHD 615, it is capable of playing at least 31 per cent of the most popular 10000 games. Furthermore, between 2% and 3 percent of games could be played using the most current versions of the software. It has a 7th generation processor, and it is equipped with the Intel HD 615 le.

It is considered to be an ordinary gaming laptop in the Chromebook category. With support for 4K resolution, it is sure to provide the best gaming experience.


The Google Pixelbook 12in pixel tablet may not live up to the demands of its customers regarding its webcam’s quality. The webcam of the Chromebook comes with just 0.9 inches of resolution, which may not work for those who prefer online meetings.

Pros & Cons :



4 In 1 Design

Not Suitable For High-End Applications

Smooth And Backlit Keyboard

Only USB-C Port Connectivity Option

High-Performance Chromebook


Our Verdict

The PixelBook 12in stands out from the rest of Chromebooks. This is the sole Chromebook with the design as well as performance that the PixelBook 12inches has. It’s also simple to be compared with best desktops or macOS laptops. There are a few drawbacks with the books with 12 inches of pixels with bad audio quality, low webcams and the price.

The price is high when compared with other laptops in the Chromebook category. When you compare it with Windows and macOS notebooks, the laptop is considerably cheaper than other laptops. It’s among the top Chrome-OS laptops that are available currently available.

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