Which Is The Best Car For Spiti Valley?

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Dream destination is Spiti Valley, which tests your mental and physical toughness at every turn before you can enjoy its wide-ranging natural beauty. Spiti Valley is not a secret or hidden treasure. Instead, it is a mystery with many layers. With every mile you travel, a new layer reveals itself and blows your mind. It keeps giving you something new for every mile you walk. It’s like a roller coaster, the biggest, largest, but slowest natural roller coaster on Earth. Every time you think you know where it’s going, it takes a turn you didn’t expect, giving you a rush of adrenaline in your soul, mind, and body. You want more, you try to get more, and in the end, you get more. We suggest you kindly check the best time to visit spiti valley.

After all of this, which car will be the best to take to Spiti? If you look at this from a Brand point of view, it’s really hard. It should be looked at more from what a car has to offer in terms of what I’ve already said. Most likely, the best car for Spiti Valley will be any SUV. No matter if it has two or four wheels, an SUV’s high ground clearance will be very helpful when driving through Spiti. You can pretty much take it anywhere, and it will do well on the ground there.

If you’re going on a trip with a few friends to have fun, an open Mahindra Thar might be the best choice. If you’re going with your family, a 4X4 SUV like a Fortuner, Safari, or Scorpio would be better. If you don’t have a 4×4, then a 2×4 SUV will work just as well.

Choose Hatchback Or Sedan For Spiti Valley

Have you thought about bringing your hatchback or Sedan to Spiti? It’s not that uncommon, and a lot of people do it. In fact, most of the villagers and people who live here drive around in a Maruti hatchback. The only thing is that they live here and know how to drive on these rough roads.

Spiti is a whole new world for people like you and me who live in cities. You will need to remember a few things, the most important of which is the Batal Gramphoo stretch. There are a lot of water crossings on this road, and some of them are really deep, so a car with a low GC shouldn’t be on it at all. Here’s a picture of an Indica that got stuck at one of these water crossings.

Prepare Your Vehicle To Ride Here

For the trip to Spiti Valley, it’s most important to know your car well and get it ready ahead of time. Check how your tires, brake pads or drums, hand brake, and clutch plate are doing. Most people don’t pay much attention to the clutch plate when they’re getting ready, but it and the hand brake will be used a lot on this trip, so make sure they’re in good shape. Get it serviced at least 10 days ahead of time, and drive it for at least 500 KM to see if everything is okay.

Know Your Priorities Before Traveling To Spiti Valley

The full Spiti circuit goes from Shimla to Manali by way of Kinnaur and Kaza. you also can take a halt at Manali ( best time to visit Manali ) . It has a lot of very attractive towns, villages, lakes, and monasteries. You should make a plan for your trip and stick to it.

Know how many days you have ahead of time and plan your trip around your list of priorities. It will make sure you have a great time exploring and taking in the beauty of nature without any trouble.

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